Radiant Redhead

Finding beauty in others.
Discovering beauty in myself.

I didn’t always enjoy being a redhead. In middle school I would use bleaching products to lighten my hair so I could be blonde and fit in. Then I discovered that the things that made me unique, made me beautiful. I didn’t have to be stick thin and blonde to be beautiful, I just had to be me. Redheaded, curvaceous, bubbly, lovable me.

The day this picture of me was taken, I was not feeling beautiful. I was not liking myself very much that day. I was at a conference with 20,000 other photographers and was feeling quite small at that moment.

My friend Kaity, who was sharing a hotel room with me, suggested we go take pictures of each other. “Ok,” I told her, “but I have to go get pretty first”. I went into the bathroom and touched up my makeup. I stared at my reflection and picked on the things I didn’t like. “That’s as good as it’s going to get I suppose,” I thought to myself.

We went outside and looked for places to shoot. I did my best to pose for her, I didn’t want to ruin her photos. When we got back to the room, we sat and silently edited through what we had taken. I was quite pleased with some that I had taken of her. The light was gorgeous. She was gorgeous. I smiled and felt better.

When she posted the photos she took of me online, I just sat there, awe struck. I stared back at this gorgeous girl who couldn’t possibly be me. Could it? I was gorgeous! She had managed to capture the beauty that I couldn’t see in myself at that moment.

I will be forever grateful for these photographs. They helped me see something I don’t normally see. These images are a reminder to me of why I love what I do. I get to give this gift to other women.

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  • NILMDTS and Wish Upon a Wedding Volunteer Photographer